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I kick anorexic girls down stairs

Name: Nicole
Age: young

Favorite Band[s]/Music Artists: hole; Zombina And The Skeletones; rehab dolls; the sex pistols; labybug thrust; dir en grey; the slits; eva chavela; destitute; Shonen knife; bracode; the electrocutes; my flea circus; sick sick sister; switchblade symphony; Brigitte Handley; cherry 2000; kimya dawson; ani difranco; the plasmatics; the briefs; miyavi; suicide; the bullys; the dictators; the new york dolls; cyndi lauper; bleach [03]; elastica; david bowie; TLC; iron madden; the dresden dolls; mindless self indulgence; the ramones; black flag; choking susan; the distillers; huggy bear; courtney love; jimi hendrix; starlit suicide; the dead keenedys; dead boys; mio dix mois; emilie autum; x-ray spex; the buzzcocks; the stooges; bikini kill; jack off jill; scarling; scream dolly; n.w.a; buju banton; the ettes; the clash; my ruin; the who; juliette and the licks; malice mizer; the yeah yeah yeahs; otto's daughter; tori amos; karma; small town massacre; the birthday massacre; the jolenes; goldfrapp; horropops; the epoxies; the commies; blondie; mypollux; annie johnson; psydoll; the buttersprites; babes in toyland; little whores on the parire; bitchslap; L7; placebo; tempestatis; daisy chainsaw; the sonic youth; voxillary; the bastard faries; brillant sins; bitch alert; pretty girls make graves; the melvins, Katastrophy Wife; go!go!7188; joan jett, the pretenders, sioxuse siox and the banshee's; acid lollipop; snapdragon; hanamuke; helium; :Whumpscut:; psycobitch; nirvana; patti smith; the breeders; jigsaw youth; tori amos; alanis morriset; pussy galore; the butthole surffers; death in october; displayed;
Describe your style: I'm eccentric, I can do whatever I want.
Picture[s] of yourself[1+]:

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